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Urban Bites

On Development


Genre: Drama


Director: Josué G. Saavedra

Writer: Josué G. Saavedra


Story Plot: 

Urban Bites is an urban drama about success in life, love and bed bugs; where the lives of five characters are drawn together because of the new plague in the city that seems to be everywhere!


Steven is a young photographer trying to find meaningful work in his field who tries, initially, to hook up with Mona, an amateur model who is new in the city and whose luggage was, unknowingly, infested with bedbugs at YVR when she left it next to a pack belonging to backpacker just returning from a trip to Thailand.  Betty, the backpacker’s roommate, will pass the problem to Will – a bed bugs exterminator – who Betty has just started dating, not knowing that he is in a relationship with Naomi – a Japanese exchange student he met in Vancouver.  Naomi then befriends Steven who has just experienced a disappointing date with Mona and will soon be facing the anger of Naomi’s insanely jealous boyfriend, Will, who will become Steven’s boss at his new job in the bed bugs extermination company.

Teaser trailer

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